About Mary Walker Productions

Mary Walker Productions was formed to create meaningful and engaging productions for all ages. The aim was to create a company that provided a strong link between the community and the arts and to inspire the audience to reflect on their own lives.

Mary Walker Productions was created to produce varying Arts works such as theatre, exhibitions, films and music. We look to present work both nationally and internationally.

The company supports the community by; donating proceeds from tickets sold to Charity organisations, free Education resources, Mentorship and Work Experience opportunities.

Mary Walker Productions looks to hire not only seasoned artists, but to give opportunities to new and upcoming artists. We believe that part of our purpose it to create opportunities for artists to have a way to show their work and be a part of contributing to works that are created.

Mary Walker Productions is dedicated to offering Arts Education resources to teachers, educators, parents or guardians, which gives further opportunities to engage young people in the Arts.

The company believes that by creating works that give an opportunity for reflection, they are in turn enriching the community and clearly showing the strong link between the community and the arts.